Tesco Groceries

Established in 1919, Tesco grew from an East London market stall to a global enterprise. Today, the company has a presence in central Europe, India and the far east. In the UK, Tesco has a marketshare of over 27 per cent, making it one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains.
Client: Tesco,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Product Design

Tesco Groceries

The Tesco Clubcard and grocery app serves over fourteen million UK customers and was designed to take the chore out of shopping for groceries. The app features everything a customer needs to efficiently complete their online shop, including detailed product information, previous orders, and a responsive booking system.

Designing Tesco's next-gen app

Tesco’s online groceries was a functional service, but it lacked some of the qualities that customers experience when shopping in-store. In 2017 the business set out to identify ways of making online groceries more inspirational and engaging. To understand some of the problems faced by customers when shopping online and in-store, I looked at the existing customer journey to identify friction and areas of oppotunity.


Some of the solutions I introduced, included a next-action feature, meal recommendations, collaborative shopping, and user-configured dietary alerts.

My Role

I designed Tesco's native grocery apps and worked on the end-to-end product design for features that enabled shoppers to effortlessly complete their online grocery shop. The features I designed included the booking system, product list and detail pages, a product recommendations system, favourites and filters. In addition, I worked on the future vision for Tesco’s next-gen grocery app. I was involved in an intensive six-week sprint process, where we designed and tested innovative features aimed at revolutionising how customers shopped online for groceries.