Run Connect

Since 2020 we have seen a decline in physical activity. The 2020 pandemic changed our way of living, impacting social interaction and well-being. Run Connect is a fitness app for today’s society, encouraging social interaction and physical activity. Run Connect can help runners take their fitness to the next level by connecting people from all over the world, enabling them to take part in real-time activities, including social running and competitive challenges.
Client: Concept,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Design Lead

Competitive Running

There are over 621 million runners across the globe. Run Connect connects users based on run type and skill level. During a run, a user can view and compare their performance against their opponent in real-time. Users can choose to keep pace with their opponent, or race them to the end. A rewards system encourages users to achieve a higher level of fitness. The more races they win, the higher they will rank.