Snap Inspire is a shopping app that provides a platform for users to visualise and share ideas for potential homeware purchases. The objective was to design a concept that could work online and in-store to to aid in the decision making process, providing time and cost saving benifits to the end user.
Client: Personal project
Project: Mobile app
Role: UX/UI, Animation


Whether in-store or at home users have the ability to discover and share ideas with other members of the group within the platform of the app.


Users can visualise products in their home environment before they purchase. This has potential time and cost benefits to the end user but also encourages a more inpirational style of shopping.


Despite improvement in Augmented reality the decision to use transparent images with filter techniques was used to broaden the range of available products.


The colour palette and typography was kept minimal to reduce clutter and provide more focus to the products.